The Outreach Pre-college Program

Cooper Union Stock Photo Jenny Acosta, Drawing Class Martin Petrov, monoprint - Printmaking Class Tiana Mincey, Photography Jiyoon Kim, Printmaking Jackson Payne, 2D Design Cooper Union Stock Photo Still Life by Ava Hecht, Outreach 2008.

Free art classes for high school students - NYC

The Outreach Pre-College Art Program was created in 1992 as a full scholarship program to support New York City area high school students interested in pursuing a degree in art. The Outreach Program serves the needs of talented local high school students who would benefit most from a fully funded college level education. It helps students develop a portfolio worthy of art college admissions and scholarships. Professional artists and poets teach all courses, and Cooper Union undergraduates serve as teaching assistants. Instructional materials, field trip transportation, and museum admissions are provided at no cost.

The Outreach program offers art courses in Fall, Winter, and Spring sessions for New York City area high school students, grades 10-12. Enrollment is limited to 18 students per section, to ensure optimum time with instructors and critique of student work.

Classes take place on Saturdays from 9am-5pm, in 5 to 8-week courses. All students are required to take drawing classes, with additional workshops in animation, printmakingphotography, 3D design and 2D design. Each Saturday concludes with a seminar on contemporary art issues, which encourages students to discuss, think critically, and write about current issues. This seminar often includes guest speakers as well as museum, gallery and artist studio visits throughout New York City.

Outreach Winter 2016 welcomes back Ava’s Smile for a special post-Outreach “self portrait" project with guest artist Revital Brandes.

Each season concludes in a celebration of student artwork with an exhibition at the Cooper Union, as well as a reading to showcase the poetry from the creative writing workshops.

To apply for the Outreach Pre-College Art Program, students must fill out an application online and attend a portfolio review. The reviews are held on the Cooper Union campus and are conducted by Outreach staff, guest artists and alumni.

For more information on the Outreach Pre-College Art Program call 212-353-4202 or email

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